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About Rural Marketing News:
Rural Marketing News is a publication of Henderson Communications, publisher of Agri Marketing Magazine.

About the Editor:
My wife, Sue, and I live with two dogs on ten acres just inside the Illinois state line, only a few miles from Terre Haute, Indiana. Having grown up on working farms, we find country life brings back great memories as well as challenges. There's always something to do - or needs done.

Fortunately, I spent a career learning and doing with John Deere in their Marketing Communications Department, as a writer and a manager.

Most of the years before retiring from Deere, I worked on Rural Lifestyle marketing. So, I got to play with a variety of small farm equipment. I helped support Rural Lifestyler media start-ups. And I am honored to have met and worked with some of the most enthusiastic country living supporters including dealers, media, marketers and ad agency folks.

Could there be a better way of living? Not for me. Not for my family. We all have acreages. And, we all have those 'to-do' lists. And really not enough time to get it all done. Perfect for marketers!

You just need to understand our particular needs - smaller packages, more convenience, but stuff that works just like the stuff full-time farmers use. Are we price-oriented? Isn't everyone? In the end, though, we'll pay more if you show us the real value.

So, here I am, putting together Rural Marketing News, helping you get the news about the market, ad agencies, companies, media and products for the Rural Lifestyle Market.

Living in the country. Writing Rural Marketing News. Life just can't get better.

Best wishes,

Michael Gustafson
Rural Marketing News